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Thank You to the Tipps Family for Donating a Car to one of Home of the Sparrow’s Clients!
Happy #ThankfulThursday! Home of the Sparrow would like to thank Jeff Tipps and his wonderful family for donating a car to one of Home of the Sparrow’s clients! Thank you to Jiffy Lube in Crystal Lake for offering their cleaning services and helping to ensure that the car was in perfect condition before dropping off the car!

Home of the Sparrow’s client and the agency are extremely grateful for the Tipps’ family’s kindness. The client who is receiving this gift cannot thank them enough for their generosity, as it will help her get to and from work more easily so that she can continue to provide an independent and stable life for her and her family. Thank you all so much for being a part of their journey through homelessness to self-sufficiency!
(Pictured: Tipps Family on the left and Liz Heneks, Home of the Sparrow Vice President of Programs & Services, on the right)


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