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Faces of Homelessness – Camilla’s Story of Hope
During the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Camilla worked long shifts at a fast food restaurant earning minimum wage. She was unable to afford food, child care, and stable housing for herself and her 6 month old daughter. Struggling to make ends meet and with no close family in town, Camilla suffered from depression and needed help. She reached out to Home of the Sparrow in hopes of finding stabling housing and support.

Camilla was connected to one of Home of the Sparrow’s case managers and worked hard to get back up on her feet, as well as sharpen her interview skills. Soon after, Camilla was able to obtain a new job making over double of what she was making at the fast food restaurant. She also secured a second part-time job to help with bills. Throughout the pandemic, Camilla utilized Home of the Sparrow’s supportive services such as case management, life skills classes, financial classes, employment help, and childcare assistance.
After almost a year with Home of the Sparrow, Camilla was able to maintain her housing unit and put money away into her savings each month. She continues to work hard every day in order to provide a stable and bright future for herself and her daughter.


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