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Donate to Home of the Sparrow’s GoFundMe Campaign Today! Help Sustain our Shelter, Housing and Services for Homeless Women and Children!
Home of the Sparrow has been serving Homeless women and children since 1987 – For over 34 years the organization has helped thousands of families achieve a better future. As with many non-profit organizations Home of the Sparrow relies on grants, donations, revenue from events and revenue from our eight Sparrow’s Nest Thrift Stores and Donation Centers and Community Threads Resale Store.

CLICK HERE to Donate to Home of the Sparrow’s GoFundMe Campaign Today!

Home of the Sparrow was hit hard during the shut down, so revenue to run the organization was limited. The leases and costs to run the Thrift Stores are still due and payable to the landlords as the store sales attempt to ramp up and meet the expenses. The Payroll Protection Plan offered some relief but not nearly enough to get the agency back on solid ground. Fundraisers are being shifted to a variety of non-traditional ways like this GoFundMe Campaign of raising the necessary funds to help sustain operations. This pandemic has provided a shift in the way we all do business and help those most vulnerable. The one thing that has always been paramount to Home of the Sparrow is the people who come to Home of the Sparrow in need of shelter and housing services. Home of the Sparrow is there to serve and to ensure our services remain intact.

Despite serious disruptions to HOS’s daily funding streams during this pandemic (i.e. its Thrift Stores and cancellations of Spring fundraising events), HOS has kept vulnerable, homeless members of our community sheltered and cared for. As “shelter in place” restrictions loosen and stays on evictions are lifted, HOS anticipates a significant increase in need for its services, particularly among newly homeless individuals/families and individuals/families fleeing domestic violence. Additional funds are greatly needed to provide necessary affordable housing rental assistance, shelter operations, case management, and homelessness prevention services to those in homeless women and children.

Home of the Sparrow is hoping to raise $30,000 in support of these critical services. Your support helps keep these vital services intact to help those most vulnerable. Please spread the word with this GoFundMe Campaign. Thank you so much for your support!


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