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Happy 10 Year Anniversary to one of Home of the Sparrow’s thrift stores, Community Threads Upscale Resale!

In 2018-2019, Home of the Sparrow welcomed Community Threads into their Resale Store Family. Before the merger, Community Threads outgrew their previous 14,000 square feet location and has since re-located to Arlington Heights with a 22,000 square feet store. Throughout their ten years serving our local communities, Community Threads previously partnered with local high schools, churches, non-profits, recycling centers, service groups, corporate businesses, and community leadership to build a stronger community and help those in need.

Currently, Community Threads averages about 100 volunteers per month and about 1,500 volunteer hours contributed monthly. Alongside the Sparrow’s Nest Thrift Stores, they have also co-created an eBay page with over 350 item listings from all of Home of the Sparrow’s seven thrift stores. The eBay page generates tens of thousands of dollars yearly, providing Home of the Sparrow with not only additional funds to support their mission, but an opportunity to offer higher-end, or niche items to a wide audience.

It is amazing to see Community Threads’ growth and success over the years! Home of the Sparrow is grateful to all of the staff, volunteers, and donors at their Sparrow’s Nest Thrift Stores and Community Threads!


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