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Note about World Suicide Prevention Day


Suicide is a major public health issue claiming lives without regard to age, race, gender, education or

income levels. Are you aware that:

  • Suicidal thoughts and feelings are not rare
  • Suicidal acts, threats and attempts are less common, but happen more frequently than many of us realize
  • Suicide is the most common psychiatric emergency
  • Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in America
  • There were 33 documented deaths by suicide in McHenry County in 2014

A combination of individual, relational, community and societal factors contribute to the risk of suicide.

These factors may not directly cause suicide, but are associated with suicide. Risk factors include:

  • Family history of suicide
  • Previous suicide attempt
  • History of mental illness, particularly depression, and substance abuse
  • Feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and isolation
  • Serious physical illness
  • Significant loss

There are also protective factors for suicide that may buffer an individual’s suicidal thoughts and

actions. These may include:

  • Effective clinical care for mental illness and substance abuse
  • Family and community support
  • Cultural and religious beliefs
  • Skills related to problem solving and conflict resolution

Families who experience a suicide or suicide attempt often feel guilt or shame and are reluctant to talk

about it. But suicide is preventable and there is support for survivors. Efforts have been underway to

change the national dialogue around suicide and suicide prevention to one that focuses on hope,

connectedness, social support, resilience, treatment and recovery.

Thursday, September 11 is World Suicide Prevention Day. The theme this year is “Preventing Suicide:

Reaching Out and Saving Lives.” To find out more click on these resources: (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) (International Association for Suicide Prevention) (McHenry County Crisis Line)


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